About Fynbos Phil

I am Phil McLean, otherwise known as Fynbos Phil. My mission is to protect the fantasitcally diverse yet desperately threatened natural vegetation of our wonderful country, South Africa. As such, I am an expert in the identification of- and appropriate treatment methods for invasive alien species. 

Principally, I am a botanist (with an honours degree from UCT), but I am also very familiar with the numerous animal and bird pest invasive species found here. It was my lifelong love of nature that lead me down this path and I love every minute of what I do! 

Invasive species contribute the second greatest threat to global biodiversity (after habitat loss) and are both the direct and indirect cause of many extinctions. Knowing what they are and how to deal with them is my lifelong mission and my contribution to conservation (especially in such a diversity hotspot!). In addition I am actively involved with several NGOs tasked with protecting or enhancing biodiversity within a city (City of Cape Town). I have worked with the City of Cape Town's groundbreaking Invasive Species Unit as well as the South African National Biodiversity Institute's Invasive Species Program and am an active member assisting with identifications on iSpot.

I enjoy writing and public speaking - especially if it is to help educate people.

Do you have an invasive species problem? Get in touch and let's sort it out the most economical and efficinet way possible!

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