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Historically, troops of wild baboons used to roam all across the Western Cape of South Africa. The pressures of urban expansion have restricted the remaining wild populations to a few troops which claim sections of the cape peninsula as their territory.
Because they are opportunistic omnivores, and because people are quite wasteful creatures, baboons often come into contact with people. The baboons are realising the opportunity for free food, but the encounters are not entirely pleasant as they will destroy a kitchen or dustbin as they rummage for snacks. For years, a group of people have been monitoring these troops and trying to discourage them from entering urban areas while also educating people about these remarkable and ingenious animals. A particular troop they have been monitoring has become so habituated to people that it is now possible to take a walk into their midst without disrupting their normal foraging behaviour!
I offer a walk into the hills accompanied by experienced baboon monitors to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a close encounter with a wild troop of baboons as they go about their normal daily activities. This will give you a unique insight into their social behaviour without having to look at them through the bars of a cage. In addition, you’ll be contributing to further monitoring and study of these primates, ultimately helping to conserve their species.

Total time:        about 4 Hours
Fees:                R700 per person (Minimum R1400). This includes all fees for the day.
What to pack:    Comfortable and sensible hiking or walking shoes.
                        At least one 500ml bottle of water (2 is better)
                        Sunscreen – you will need this, I promise!
                        Hat (and sunglasses)
                        Rain Jacket/Windbreaker – you will be almost 1000m above the city on parts of this                            walk, so the weather can be radically different from what you experienced in town                                   (This item is as essential as water!).
                        Camera (Binoculars can also be useful)

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