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Fynbos literally translated means ‘fine-’ or ‘small-leaved’ bush and is a major component of the world’s smallest Floral Kingdom, the Cape Floral Kingdom. Of the six floral kingdoms of the world, the Cape Floral Kingdom is by far the smallest (0.04% of the earth’s surface) but also by far the most species dense (Table Mountain National Park in the centre of Cape Town has more endemic plant species than the British Isles!).
This short walk through a section of the Table Mountain National Park will highlight the basic components that make up this unique vegetation type while taking in some spectacular scenery along the way. The aim is to take it very easy, concentrating on the small things as we go. As you will see, Fynbos is not renowned for anything big, and it is best to appreciate the richness it has to offer on a small scale and at a slow pace, touching, feeling and smelling as you go.
Since I studied botany in these surroundings, I have unique knowledge of this vegetation as well as a passion for it which, I’m sure you’ll find, comes through on this walk making it a fascinating introduction for anyone keen to find out more about it, or simply experience something different to the normal tours available in a city like Cape Town.

Total time:     about 4 Hours
Fees:             Depends on the number of guests - please enquire.
What to pack:    Comfortable and sensible hiking or walking shoes.
            At least one 500ml bottle of water (2 is better)
            Sunscreen – you will need this, I promise!
            Hat (and sunglasses)
            Rain Jacket/Windbreaker – you will be almost 1000m above the city at the top of the mountain,               so the weather can be radically different from what you experienced in town (This item is as               essential as water!).
            Camera (Binoculars can also be useful)

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