Table Mountain Hike Details


Nothing beats the view from the top of a mountain, and nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to boast: “I climbed that mountain myself”!
I will show you the very best of what Table Mountain has to offer, including amazing displays of plant and animal life. As an additional reward to your achievement (on top of your bragging rights) we will take the cable car down – so once you are up, the hard work is over!

We will meet at the Lower Cable Station and start by taking a short (30minute) walk along the tarred road to the start of the ascent. From here, the hike can take between 2 and 4 hours depending on our speed and/or fitness levels (we always walk at the pace of the slowest in the group, so everyone can be accommodated and nobody needs to feel rushed). The route we’ll take is called “Platteklip Gorge” or “Flat-boulder Gorge” named after the huge, fat rock which marks the very top of the climb – this is our target! There will be plenty of time on the hike to stop for photos of your progress, to look at interesting phenomena along the way, and to simply catch our breath (we will be climbing almost a kilometre in altitude!).
The trail is made up of steps cut into boulders and well-marked pathways. At no stage is there any rock climbing or ladders to be scaled. Comfortable walking/hiking shoes, a bottle of water and a reasonable level of fitness are all that is required to enjoy this experience.
Once we reach the top we can spend up to an hour exploring the exceptional views of the Cape Peninsula, Robben Island, Cape Town City and Camps Bay as well as admiring the unique fauna and flora to be found there (including the world famous Cape Floristic/Floral Region, or 'Fynbos'). There is a good restaurant, coffee shop and curio shop to look at also, so bring your wallets so you can leave with a souvenir of your ascent from the very top of the mountain you just climbed!
Finally we will take the magnificent revolving cable car back down to the Lower Cable Station to end the experience.

Total time:       3 - 5 Hours (depending on speed and/or fitness)
Groups:            2 – 8 guests
Fees:                Rates dependant on number of guests - please enquire. Fees quoted include the cable car ride down.

What to pack:   Comfortable and sensible hiking or walking shoes
At least one 500ml bottle of water (2 is better)
Sunscreen – you will need this, I promise!
Hat (and sunglasses)
Rain Jacket/Windbreaker – you will be 1000m above the city at the top of the mountain, so the weather can be radically different from what you experienced in town (This item is as essential as water!)
Camera (Binoculars can also be useful)

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