Wine Routes

The Cape is world famous for (amongst many other things!) the quality of its wine. Easily accessible from Cape Town, there are many farms, estates and tasting rooms to see and enjoy, as well as a few interesting diversions on the way!
Much of the viticulture occurs on or near portions of the highly threatened Cape Floral Kingdom (see also the 'Introduction to Fynbos' and 'Kirstenbosch' tours for more information). Because of this proximity, these farms can have a very important role to play in conservation and awareness of this glorious but endangered ecosystem. Fortunately, a few forward-thinking people have gotten together to form the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI). So I offer the opportunity to taste great Cape wine while contributing to the conservation of Fynbos by visiting some of the spectacular estates which are contributing members of the BWI.
You will have an opportunity at each farm we visit to buy wine for the rest of your trip, or have cases shipped back home.
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